For more than four decades, South East Asia Hotel has been the hotel of choice for many a visitor to Singapore. It's easy to see why.

Run by friendly and helpful folks, South East Asia Hotel offers all guests a cosy, inviting and homey atmosphere at very affordable prices. The rooms are clean and comfortable, air-conditioned and come with attached bathroom, telephone and cable television.

The hotel also operates the Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant, one of the finest Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

Not only does South East Asia Hotel offer comfort, it also boasts of a first class location. Waterloo Street is smack in the heart of Singapore's civic and cultural district, easily accessible by buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), taxis or simply by foot. It is - like the island republic - a melting pot of cultures, a charming mix of the old and new. Options for dining, shopping, nitelife and cultural explorations are limitless with the area's varied places of worship, interesting neighbourhood shops, HDB flats, modern office buildings, shopping and food centres.

Whether you're a businessman, a tourist or a backpacker, you will find South East Asia Hotel not just convenient but comfortable and very affordable as well.

The hotel operates a cosy cafe and Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant, which serves some of the best Chinese and Thai vegetarian food in town.